We are Original

Cork Shop based in Portugal,

Where the best cork in the world comes from.

Cork4all Style

Bags “to be used” 

Our products need to serve you, so we make them practical and versatile, so you can use them all the time.

Slick and modern 

A slick design last longer, matches more and makes you look great/cool.


Colours that pop

Normally we use corks natural colour, beige as neutral and then solid pop colours to enhance details and lines.

Cork4all Offers

Quality & Expertise 

We only chose what we consider high-quality cork fabric. We work closely with an experienced team with high production standards, taking attention to detail and finishing.


All our products are handmade and in small quantities. Our set of lines and colour are exclusive cork4all.  


Personal service

When you order online, if not in store, we will make it especially for you! Talk with us if you have any questions, there is a real person on the other side to hear you.

Cork4all Values

C4A values CORK as a sustainable, ecofriendly material.  Therefore is essential for us to produce durable products in order to cut the need for constant replacement and so reducing consumption.  

Additionally CORK4ALL is a small business that works with other small family business promoting local commerce and good quality jobs.  

Cork is the green leather

Know Our Team

Our team is small, as we are a family business. Our products are made in the North of Portugal and we sell them in Lisbon, Cascais, Funchal and here – for all over the world.

Find us on the real world

Our customers are our biggest inspiration

We always take into consideration the feedback and ideas of our customers when we experiment new models and combinations.

Your opinion is important for us