Save a Tree Buy CORK

Replace Leather use cork

What is cork?

Cork is the bark of a cork-oak-tree

The cork bark is carefully hand removed, in a way that does not harm the tree for the next harvesting.

This process is repeatedly every 9-12 years and helps the tree to grow big and be healthy.

A Cork oak tree can live more than 200 years old.

What makes Cork Special?


 keeps growing back from the tree therefore is a renewable resource

cork property biodegradable


cork is biodegradable so it will decompose into soil.

cork property biodegradable


comes from one of the best trees to grow:
An OAK tree.


Cork fabric can sustainably replace leather,
in fact when you use cork to make: bags, purses and other leather items, you have an extra advantage of corks lighter height and washing easiness.

Impressively elastic

to make fabric out of cork, we cut the prepared bark into fine layers and place it on top of fabric, paper or canvas.

Cork is the green leather

Similar to Leather

hard wearing
soft to touch

Better than Leather

impermeable & washable
cork property light weight
light weight

Other Curious Properties

cork property termical
heat proof
cork property compressible
cork fire resistent
fire resistant
sound proof

Where the best cork comes from?

Portugal is the country with the best and higher production of cork in the world, this is because of its particular climate and strict protective laws.

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